Oct 5, 2007

Unix : Discovery

Unix is flavorful and many flavors of Unix have different recipes. The dish is the same, the ways to get there are different.

Setting Environment variables on Ubuntu

These can be set in the windows style (once for all) in the /etc/environment file. First change the permission of the file by chmod 755 environment and then modify or change the env variables in there. I had to log off and log in for ubuntu to pick the new settings. This is much easier and better than the regular LD_LIBRARY_PATH and so on settings. Some other ways like modifying the .profile and .bash files are there, which I am not going to spend time on investigating.

Running .bin files on Ubuntu

If you double click on bin files they normally open/execute in other systems, in ubuntu we will have to open a terminal, make sure the bin is executable (refer permission and chmod in point #1) and then execute it from there eg: on the $ prompt type ./xyz.bin

converting .dmg to .iso or .cdr on MAC OX

hdiutil convert input.dmg -format UDTO -o output.img

mount image file on Linux

modprobe hfsplus
mount -t hfsplus -o loop output.img /mnt

Finding a pattern recursively when rgrep or grep -r is not available within a type of files.

find . -name *.xml -exec grep -l anipossible {} \;

Remove ^M characters in vi.

:%s/[ctrlkey+v and ctrl-key+M]//g

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