Mar 11, 2008

Install CVS on Solaris

  1. Having X server really helps.
  2. Download CVS from
  3. I downloaded the x86 build since I have Solaris 10 on x86. The name of the file is cvs-1.11.21-SunOS-5.8-i386.gz.
  4. If in X mode, double click the file to open the extractor and extract the file. Otherwise use gunzip.
  5. Rename the extracted file to simply ... cvs
  6. chmod 777 cvs
  7. And optionally chown to the user who would want to run cvs commands.
  8. set the CVSROOT environment
  9. run ./cvs login (This will ask you for the password and when authenticated will create a .cvspass file with the password encrypted in it.
  10. you can then checkout the relevant cvs project by issuing this command. ./cvs co {projectname}
  11. Since I did all this as root, I had to then chmod 777 .cvspass and chown -R newuser:newgroup projectname so that the newuser will be able to run cvs commands henceforth.

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