Nov 5, 2009

HSQLDB Netbeans

Continuation to the earlier post...configuring HSQLDB in Netbeans turns out to be very simple.
Here are the steps (my usual style of writing blogs that never goes out of style)
1> Open Netbeans
2> Make sure you have the Services window available (if not select it from the Window menu)
3> Right click on the Drivers folder and select New Driver...
4> Add the hsqldb.jar from the hsqldb/lib folder and let Netbeans autodetect the driver class to be org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver and the name to be HSQLDB
5> Right click on the newly created HSQLDB class folder and select Connect Using ...
6> Specify the following
  • Name : HSQLDB (Server)
  • User Name : SA
  • Password : <blank>
  • JDBC URL : jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/
7> Select Ok, Let Netbeans verify the connection and present a drop down to select the schema.
8> Select Public
9> Netbeans will create this New database connection as jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost/ [SA on Public], Under which it will list the Tables, Views, Procedures.
10> From here on, we can right click on the contents under this connection folder to perform various DDL and DML operations.
Majid said...

I followed your tutorial but I when I hit Ok I got this error :

cannot establish a connection to jdbc:hsqldb://localhost using org.hsql.jdbcDriver (bad version number in .class file)

Please help,

Ani Dadu said...

This means that the JDBC driver jar is version incompatible with the version of HSQLDB installation or the JDK being used in Netbeans.
Stepping up/down the jar will help

BALA'S JAVA said...

awesome .. thanx a ton for the explanation :)

Hafizh Herdi said...

I'm followed your tutorial, but mine is getting this error

cannot establish a connection to jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:8887 using org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver ( Connection refused: connect)

Please help, thanks

Pranjal Choladhara said...

baalor likhiso kelaa. eku kaam saam nakare.

Steve Amolo said...

i followed your post and im getting error: "Cannot establish a connection to jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost[:3306] using org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver (Invalid argument in JDBC call)"

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