Mar 24, 2012

Install WordPress

Installing wordpress is really easy, just as the wordpress team tells us.
Download wordpress zip/tar file (I downloaded the 3.3.1 version during this writing).
Extract this file to find a lot of php files in it.
Copy this folder to the document root of Apache. Have a look at my previous blogs to get an idea of a native installation of MySQL, Apache and PHP.

Create a new user in MySQL 'wordpress' also create a new schema 'wordpress'. Assign all the privileges necessary to this user/schema combination, assign the connection parameters such as %, localhost, as necessary to your situation.

Now open your fav browser and visit http://localhost/wordpress. 
You will be directed to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/setup-config.php and the screen will look like the following. After that follow the next few screens and you should be ready to see the dashboard and your site configured under the world's easiest Web Content Management (WCM) and publishing environment 'Wordpress'.

If an error like the following shows up, that could be due to insufficient permissions for the user doing the installation. Its not a big problem ...
As it can be easily solved. Just select all content and copy in a file (which you will create now) in the documentroot/wordpress folder called wp-config.php. No need to restart any servers, just click the Run the install button as mentioned above and you should get to the next screen.

This is setting up login credentials for entering the wordpress admin section to manage the website. The admin user will be able to create additional users later on for any workflow capabilities for content publishing.

And that's it. Click log In to visit the admin dashboard for your website. You can of course configure any additional parameters from this dashboard.

Finally give permissions to apache user (_www by default) to write files in the wordpress directory.

sudo chown -R _www wordpress
sudo chmod -R g+w wordpress

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