Apr 28, 2014

Silicon Valley goes Manhattan

The latest in the valley is not just new tech but focus has been on building billion dollar audacious buildings. The new hip n happening Manhattan will soon be on the west coast.

Google's Bayview was probably the icebreaker and soon other tech giants followed. 
Bayview would transform the way space around bayarea has been under utilized for years. Whether it will prompt more innovation from the already super innovative Google remains to be seen, however i am sure that new and exciting office equipment and spaces will be a result of this transformation. (including ways to parking efficiency).

Apple's SpaceRing will probably be the greeniest office building ever. Also one of the most expensive.

Currently hovering around the budget of $5B (yep thats B for billion), it is more than the new World Trade Center and almost (2/3rds) the size of the Pentagon. I don't think i would like to work in there as it will loose its charm, however I do hope that Apple allows tours (like the Pentagon) for gratification of Apple fans like us.

Amazon's Rainforest and NVidia's Polygons are also in the race to build this Manhattan of the West.
The latest entrant is Salesforce. Marc Benioff has been known (Like Elon Musk and Richard Branson) to boldly go where no one has gone before, his entreprenuerial spirit still catches others by surprise and makes them think .. hmm now why didn't i think of that before ?
If there's one thing common in all the audacious buildings in this earthquake prone/feared zone of San Francisco bay is the height. They are all grounded, due to obvious reasons.
It's here when Salesforce differentiates itself.
The tallest tower of the West will be the Salesforce Tower.

Salesforce decided not to go outside the city in which it was founded and is the gracious host to Dreamforce  every year.  The tower may not be green but fuels the economy of the city tremendously and is a smart move (in terms of business).

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