May 21, 2016

Sweet Weekend

Every once in a while it's so good to throw away that namesake diet, enjoy the weekend being a kid with our kids and eating what they adore the most.
Sweet buttery soul satisfying stuff loaded with calories.

Forget that it's going to be Monday soon, it's going to rain meetings and issues, which neither the weekend nor our kids care about. And many times not even the folks in those meetings .. Why do we fail to show the 'don't care' attitude where we really need the most.
Ever wondered how many flavours does sweet have ? No it's not just one .. Not just sugar .. I found out today that one of the best ones is called 'Old Fashioned'. I guess it's by only becoming a kid we can appreciate the magic that maple syrup and pancakes can create.

After all, in today's world being happy and satisfied at the same time is a magical feeling.

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