Mar 13, 2020

Clear clutter in VisualCode SFDX

Quick tip to hide those xml files while serious coding in SFDX (Visual Code), especially for those coming from other IDEs like eclipse (miss ya .. but beginning to like VC .. all over again).

In Code > Preferences > Settings, which will open the Settings file, for either that user thus all workspaces instantly or only for the current workspace .. search the setting for hide. When you see the result, Add a pattern in the one for File : Exclude as follows 

Notice I have already added the pattern to hide the xml files in the classes folder (cls-meta.xml) and the visual force pages (page-meta.xml). 

This helps clear the clutter of files to a lot extent and focus on real code files. This same can be applied to other patterns, however most others in LWC/Aura will be needed and cannot / should not be hidden.

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