Mar 16, 2020

Executing SOQL from VisualCode

Code Tip: While investigating a piece of code at my colleague's desk, I executed a SOQL within Visual Code. In a moment I noticed his face, it had the popular expression ... 'What the !'

So here's 'what the' really is  ..

1. Make sure you have refreshed sObject Definitions, if you don't know, refresh it by running it using Command+Shift+P > SFDX: Refresh sObject Definitions

2. Open/Create a temp.soql file and start typing the SOQL command, Did you see that intellisense ? Good you are on the right path .. or make sure you do by using Ctrl + Space

3. Select that SOQL line (without semicolon) and execute Anonymous
Command+Shift+P > SFDX: Execute SOQL Query with Currently Selected Text

#InnerCoder : Don't let that inner coder within you go away .. whoever you are today.

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